COVID-19 Update: At Fair City Mall Dental Care, we are here for you. If you have a dental emergency please call us right away.

Emergency Dentist In Fairfax, VAEmergency Dental Treatments in Fairfax VA

Having any kind of pain or problem with your teeth can be agonizing, so you shouldn’t have to wait around for a dental office’s regular hours in order to be treated. If you need emergency dental care, Fair City Mall Dental Care has highly skilled dental professionals to treat your dental emergency. If you have an emergency regarding your dental health, please call our office as early in the day as possible.

When you require urgent dental attention, you not only want to be seen by a seasoned professional but to be treated in an atmosphere that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Here at Fair City Mall Dental Care, we can provide you with both. Our emergency dentist staff members are second to none, and with their kindness and care, they will do all they can to help put you at ease — starting from when we answer the phone.

It can be particularly difficult when a child experiences a dental emergency. Here at Fair City Mall Dental Care, we are very experienced in working with children. Our entire staff will do their best to help your young ones conquer their fears of the dentist.

Types of emergencies we handle

We can treat dental emergencies such as:

  • Cracked tooth – It is not uncommon for teeth to get cracked. Thankfully, our experienced dentist should have no problem returning your teeth to their natural appearance. When we are done, you won’t be able to tell the difference!
  • Abscess – An abscess can be very painful; however, it’s fairly straightforward for our dentist to gently drain it. After the procedure, you should feel the benefits almost instantly. We will then be able to come up with a treatment plan to address the issue that caused the abscess in the first place.
  • Lost filling – In some cases, a filling will come loose and fall out. This leaves the tooth exposed and can end up becoming quite painful. Give us a call and we will get a new filling put in as soon as possible. (In the meantime, you can use a piece of sugar-free gum to act as a temporary filling.)
  • Tooth infection – If your tooth has become infected, we may be able to perform an emergency root canal treatment. We will do what we can to save the tooth; if it can’t be saved, we will extract the tooth. If an extraction is necessary, we can provide you with a dental implant to replace the lost tooth — in the same appointment!

In the case of an after-hours emergency, please call us (703) 978-3541, and the message will provide instructions for contacting the doctor. We make every effort to reserve a limited amount of time each day so that emergency patients may be scheduled quickly. So save our number on your phone and give us a call the next time you or your loved ones are in need of emergency dental services — you will be glad that you did. Contact Fair City Mall Dental Care to know more!

Get rid of your tooth pain today by calling 703.978.3541!

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