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FAQs about Fastbraces in Fairfax

Learn More About This Alternative to Traditional Braces

Do crooked teeth prevent you from smiling broadly on job interviews or in social settings? Fair City Mall Dental Care provides many effective teeth straightening solutions in Fairfax, VA, including Fastbraces®. Patients considering orthodontic treatment often have questions about how Fastbraces® compare to traditional wire braces. Our dentists, Dr. Le and Dr. Nguyen have taken the time to answer frequently asked questions about Fastbraces® below for your benefit. If you’d like to learn more about this innovative teeth straightening technique that’s been sweeping the nation, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office and set up an orthodontic treatment consultation today!

What Are Fastbraces®, and Why Should I Consider Them?

Patients seeking orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth typically want to achieve the best results in the shortest timeframe. As the name implies, Fastbraces® help many patients achieve straighter teeth in a fraction of the time of wire braces (usually within about 100 days). Fastbraces® are an alternative to more traditional orthodontic treatments, used to address anything from overbites and underbites to crowding, crooked teeth, open bites, crossbites, malocclusions, and significant gaps between the teeth. In addition to straightening the teeth, Fastbraces® also help grow alveolar bone, eliminating the need for a tooth extraction or jaw surgery for many patients. They also possess a patented method to treat gingivitis caused by crooked teeth.

How Do Fastbraces® Work at Fair City Mall Dental Care?

Fastbraces® use patented technology to eliminate the old two-step process of getting braces. When patients are fitted for traditional wire braces, it can take up to a year to get the teeth’s crowns into position and then another year for the teeth’s roots to follow suit. However, Fastbraces® straighten the teeth’s roots into an upright position from the get-go for more noticeable results almost immediately. Fastbraces® are also referred to as self-litigating braces, meaning they don’t require wire or elastic bands to hold them securely in place. You also won’t need as many return visits to the dentist when you choose Fastbraces® as your orthodontic treatment in our Fairfax, VA dental office!

How Long Is the Fastbraces® Orthodontic Treatment Time?

Fastbraces® Technology makes it possible to straighten crooked teeth in as little as 100 days. Wouldn’t you love to have straighter teeth in less than a year instead of the two years needed for traditional wire braces? While results may vary by patient, some individuals may notice results in as little as three months! Fastbraces® are customized to each patient’s specific treatment needs.

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Are Fastbraces® Less Painful Than Traditional Wire Braces?

Many patients find Fastbraces® to be more comfortable than traditional wire braces thanks to their lack of wire or elastic bands to hold them in place. Without those bands, there’s less friction on your teeth and gums. It’s interesting to note the inventor of Fastbraces® never had to prescribe pain medications to any of his thousands of patients while they were being treated using this technology. Fastbraces® also make daily hygiene and dental cleanings more convenient by allowing for easier access.

Are Fastbraces® Usually Recommended for Adults or Children?

Fastbraces® are a suitable orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages, including both adults and children. To be considered an ideal candidate for Fastbraces®, you should require substantial orthodontic work to realign your teeth. If you’re wondering about the risks associated with Fastbraces®, they’re comparable to the minimal risks associated with more conventional methods of orthodontic care. Although they work for almost anyone, this type of treatment isn’t recommended for everyone. We suggest setting up an appointment with our dentists at Fair City Mall Dental Care to determine if you or your child would make a strong candidate for Fastbraces®. During your consultation, we may take dental x-rays and conduct some tests to determine your best orthodontic treatment option.

How Do Fastbraces® Compare with Invisalign® Orthodontic Treatment?

Perhaps you’re wondering how Fastbraces® stack up against the competition in alternative orthodontic treatment options. When compared to Invisalign®, Fastbraces® can work as fast as 45-152 days, while Invisalign® takes up to a year to produce desired results for most adult patients.

How Much Do Fastbraces® Cost at Fair City Mall Dental Care?

You may be expecting Fastbraces® to cost a great deal more than traditional wire braces, but you’d be wrong. In many cases, Fastbraces® are actually the cheaper orthodontic treatment option. Some dental insurance plans cover at least part of the expenses of Fastbraces®. Please contact your insurance provider or our office at 703.978.3541 for more details and discover the Fastbraces® difference today!

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