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Laser Dentistry in Fairfax, VA

Cutting-Edge Technology Waterlase Laser Dentistry In Fairfax

At Fair City Mall Dental Care, we are a leading provider of laser dentistry in Northern Virginia and have the latest patented-laser energized water technology, the Waterlase YSGG. This device can perform most hard-tissue procedures – from small cavity preparations to bony crown lengthening – without anesthesia, in most cases. It is also proven effective in root canal therapy and bone-related oral surgery. The laser can also perform dozens of soft-tissue procedures – including frenectomy, gingivectomy, lesion removals for biopsy and other periodontal therapy. Most procedures are performed without the use of drills or shots.

How does laser dentistry work? Waterlase MD Dental Laser Logo

  • The Waterlase® system uses laser-energized water to cut teeth.
  • The Waterlase® emits a laser beam that energizes a highly precise spray of air and water.
  • Water droplets absorb the laser energy and become laser-energized water particles that, when directed at the tooth, rapidly remove enamel, dentin, and decay/caries.

This breakthrough technology improves your long-term health and your overall perception of dentistry. Because it does not cause heat or vibration in the mouth, laser dentistry may ease the pain and anxiety of patients who fear the vibration and high-pitched whine of traditional drills. In contrast, the laser makes a gentle “tapping” noise. Unlike traditional dentistry, laser dentistry uses a cool-water spray to cut teeth without generating heat. Conventional drills and lasers can overheat teeth during procedures, inducing discomfort and irreversibly damaging the soft tissue or pulp underneath.

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