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Laser Dentistry Procedures in Fairfax, VA

Advanced Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Fairfax, VALaser dentistry is a type of dentistry where we use lasers to treat different conditions with precision and efficiency. The team at Fair City Mall Dental Care has years of experience and is trained on the latest technology to bring the very best for our patients. We use it in a variety of procedures, including hypersensitivity, gum disease, tooth decay, and more. Learn about how we can provide you with expert laser dentistry care at our Fairfax, VA dental office. Schedule your appointment today.

How We Use Laser Dentistry

There are two different types of laser dentistry: hard tissue and soft tissue. We’ll determine which procedures you can benefit from after an initial consultation at our office.

Hard Tissue

Hard tissue procedures refer to treating your teeth. These can include:

Cavity Detection

Fair City Mall Dental Care uses laser technology to detect cavities in the early stage, allowing us to treat it before it gets worse. We achieve this by searching for early evidence of tooth decay.

Dental Fillings

One of the main benefits of using laser technology for dental fillings is not needing anesthesia and traditional drills. We can use lasers to kill bacteria in a cavity instead of a drill. This then aids in the long-term health of your tooth, less downtime, and virtually no pain during the procedure.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth are too sensitive and you have trouble consuming hot or cold food and beverages, we can use laser technology to treat your condition. We use the lasers to seal tubules on the tooth’s root that cause the sensitivity.

Soft Tissue

Reshaping Gums

You may have heard of a “gummy smile.” This is when the gums cover a large portion of the teeth. Laser technology can safely reshape the gum tissue to alleviate this condition.

Crown Lengthening

We can reshape the gum tissue and the bone to create a healthier tooth structure. This is also a good practice before placing restorations on the teeth.

Tongue Frenulum Attachment

Some people may have a thick or tight frenulum that they may want to be treated with a laser frenectomy. The frenulum is the fold of skin under the front of the tongue that anchors it to the mouth floor. Symptoms of tongue frenulum issues include speech impediments and difficulty breastfeeding in children.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many benefits of laser dentistry for our patients. Some of them include:

  • Reduced bleeding and swelling during recovery
  • Minimal anesthesia required
  • Enhancing the teeth bleaching agents
  • More comfortable
  • Faster healing process
  • Infection chance reduced
  • Not having to hear a noise or whining from a drill or rotary tool
  • Minimal damage to surrounding gums and tissue
  • A more efficient way of removing tooth decay
  • Minimal pain
  • It preserves the tooth structure
  • Kills bacteria

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Laser dentistry is a safe and effective method of treating a wide range of oral issues. From reshaping gums to preparing teeth for restorations, we’re here to help. Schedule your appointment at our Fairfax location today. After a brief consultation and assessment, we’ll be able to get a better look at your smile and how we can help. Everyone’s body is different and requires a unique approach. We adapt all of our procedures to each patient, providing them the care they need and deserve while being compassionate.


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